Geng Bas Sekolah

December 2, 2013


SIK: Five orang asli boys from Pahang walked aimlessly for almost 20km after they were ordered to leave a watermelon farm where they had been allegedly forced to labour for several days with nothing to show but a watermelon.

The exhausted and hungry boys, aged 11 to 16, from Kampung Batu Gong in Chini, were found wandering by a police patrol team in Kampung Gajah Putih, Jeneri, at 3pm on Wednesday.

One of the boys, Boon Barok, 13, said a man they knew as “Ah Yau” came to their village in Pahang and offered them jobs as workers at his watermelon farm two weeks ago.

“We came by express bus and the tickets were bought by the man. During the several days we worked at the farm, we were only given lunch but no dinner.

“However, yesterday morning the man ordered us to return to our village, saying he did not have jobs for us. We were given a watermelon but no money,” he said yesterday.

Boon was with his friends – Man Yeh, 11, Asmi Asai, 13, Husain Jemoi, 14, and Seri Salenda, 16.
The police checked the boys into the Sik Rest House while waiting for the Department of Orang Asli Development (JAKOA) in Gerik to send them back to Kampung Batu Gong.

Jeneri State Assemblyman Maha­thir Abdul Hamid expressed regret over the irresponsibility of the watermelon farm operator and asked JAKOA to send the boys home immediately.

He asked the authorities to act against the farm operator for alleged forced labour


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