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September 24, 2012

Bank Islam Tiru Kasino ?

Well the Bank Islam ad in today's paper was even more crude. It says for a minimum RM1000 deposit in their Al Awfar account you can "win" RM1.0 million and become a millionaire.

There is a crude picture of an obviously "Muslim" family with their million Ringgit winnings stuffed inside their refrigerator. It implies that when Muslims "win a million Ringgit they cannot differentiate a refrigerator from a safe.

Anyway my friend's complaint was that this is no different from gambling. For RM1000, you can "win" up to RM1.0 million. We all know that gambling is haram. It is an 'auta' thing according to the religious 'auta'-rities. But what is the difference between winning a million Ringgit for a RM1000 "placement" in an Awfar account and a RM1000 bet in a casino?

Of course they can reply that you get back your RM1000 from the Al Awfar account - you dont lose it. But that is just playing with numbers. The Bank Islam takes all the RM1000 deposits, makes millions out of the total deposits and only then splits some of the earnings with you. You ingat Bank Islam tak tahu kira duit ke?

The casinos do it too. If you are a high roller, they will even pay for your free stay at the Casino. They may borrow Anwar Ibrahim's private jet and fly you in for free. Food and drinks are already free in many casinos. They throw in freebies worth thousands to attract the high rollers. Because the amount of money you give them in total far outweighs what they spend on your free food, drinks and hotel room. Just like Bank Islam, the Casinos also know how to kira duit. In fact the casinos can also throw in a minimum RM1000 cash payback, provided you "invest" a certain amount of money at their gambling tables. Semua boleh kira. It is the same.

In the same way, Bank Islam also caters for the high rollers. Only a minimum deposit of RM1000 gives you a chance to "win" RM1.0 million. If you deposit less, say RM100, then sorry you are not a "high roller" - you have less chance or no chance of "winning" RM1.0 million from Bank Islam. The minimum RM1000 deposit is to make sure that the money Bank Islam makes from lending out all the RM1000 deposits is far more than the RM1.0 million prize money. Just like the Casinos, everything sudah kira lah. There is no free lunch.

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Masuk akal juga penjelasan Syed ni. Boleh pulak Bank Islam buat pertandingan macam ni. Hanya orang tertentu sahaja yang boleh menang duit tu sedangkan semua orang letakkan deposit yang sama. 

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