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September 29, 2011

Street Feeling - Fak Anwar And Pakatan !

Look around you
What do you see
All the justice society im living frustation & misery
We on your badly what on the street
Where our look it's the way our want
But we all be caught by a bitch of gangster

This is what they call democracy rather hey down street is a true army
But I'll be down on the streets
With all the kids tonight with the head seal the night
Feeling lots of pride

Cause we're supposed to have freedom and
im  do what the right
To crop our heads and put our boots
On, Alright yes ill be down on the street
Feeling lots of pride

fuck all their covers, fuck politicians
they never care all their bringing frustations
suck the government & their politics
they never care & a full of shit

We are A.C.A.B.
We are the Skinheads army
We`re the youth of the working class
We`ll make a change, we will make it fast

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