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December 22, 2014


Aku pinjam entry ni daripada blogger Annie (klik sini). Lihat bagaimana kaum pendatang ni cuba menyalahkan orang orang islam sebagai ekstremis sedangkan mereka sendiri adalah ekstremis. 

I am bored, so, I decided to analyze an article by Sin Chew Daily deputy editor in chief Lim Sue Goan.

It's about moderation.

My comments are in blue.

A tough fight In support of moderation
2014-12-20 15:11
Translated by DOMINIC LOH
Sin Chew Daily

More and more individuals and organizations have stood up in support of "moderation." However, the battle between moderation and extremism will remain an uphill task and we need to amass more support in order to defeat elements of extremism.

What elements of extremism? Just Malay Muslims' extremism or all kind of extremism including Chinese chauvinism? Say it la.

Even though it appears that that the campaign in support of moderation is gaining momentum, because of a wide array of factors, such a force is yet to become truly significant.

What campaign in support of moderation are you talking about? The one against Perkasa and Isma, is it? Or is it also against Dong Zhong, the Chinese equivalent of Perkasa and Isma? If it's the one against Dong Zhong, then you are right. No such thing actually.
First and foremost, the moderation campaign lacks political backing. No doubt politics is controlling the power and without political power to hammer extremism, success will be limited.

Lim. you never heard about PM DS Najib Razak's repeated calls for moderation ka? Last time we had ISA and other preventive laws to hammer extremists also you never know ka? Or are you among those who called for the repeal of such legislations? Now want to complain some more that cannot hammer extremism...what la....
Although the 25 prominent Malays have already issued an open letter and many distinguished social leaders have voiced their support, the attitude of Umno leadership remains ambiguous while the Malay community is largely silent over this matter, which is not a good thing at all.

Now it's becoming clearer. Lim is actually talking about Malay Muslims' supposed extremism, and not about other types of it. Only Malay Muslims are capable of being extremists, according to Lim, I guess. And Umno and Malay Muslims not falling all over each other to denounce Perkasa and Isma is a bad thing is it? After all the provocations over the kalimah Allah and other stuff, what do you expect?

While Umno is trying to distance itself from the moderation campaign, at least other BN leaders should stand up and voice their support. Unfortunately so far we have yet to see a leader from a BN component party strong enough to exert pressure on Umno. People's Progressive Party (PPP) president M Kayveas has even said that the big boss is always right. How do we expect anything from a BN leader of this kind?

Ho's Umno and BN who are the bad guys are they? Hello Lim, last time Pas of Pakatan called Umno infidel for their moderate policies you never know ka? What kind of senior journalist are you? Najib got whacked left right and centre for being a moderate you all don't realize ka?

A currently divided MIC will not have time to do so; neither can we expect MCA and DAP to stand on the same side to battle extremism. Disunity among Chinese Malaysians will only further erode their collective force to fight extremism.

What the hell are you talking about Chinese disunity in the face extremism? Malay Muslims' extremism, is it that you say Chinese should be united against? Chinese are united enough already la. During GE13, they are so united under DAP that they wiped out all the Melayu moderates in Umno, you remember or not? You conveniently forgot the CHINESE TSUNAMI is it?

Pakatan Rakyat, which received tremendous support from young urban voters during the last two general elections, remains divided between the more liberal and the conservative. The Kelantan state government is convening a special sitting of the state legislative assembly later this month to amend the state's Islamic criminal code. The hudud law will very much remain a dividing force for Pakatan.

Aiya, why now only Lim want to talk about Pas' hudud? Before GE13 everybody in Pakatan okay with it what. For votes sake, you all close your eyes to it. Only now making noises. Scared the Chinese realize that they were fooled by you all, is it?

Meanwhile, Pakatan has yet to resolve its own problems, for instance, Sabah PKR's Inanam state assemblyman Roland Chia has suddenly tendered his resignation.

That one is about PKR never ending internal fight for power la. Dr Chia got no money to run the constituency, so he merajuk la. Lim, check with your Sin Chew bureau in Sabah la. That one also I have to tell you ka?

It remains skeptical whether Pakatan would counter extremism in full force because some might fear that this would help Najib resolve the current crisis, thus consolidating his grip of power.

Pakatan gained so much ground because they play the extremist card all along. DAP appeal for the Chinese chauvinism, while Pas appeal for the Muslims' extremism. PKR sits in the middle reaping the fruit of Pakatan's extremism. That's how they almost defeats BN in GE13.
Because of political differences, the force to counter extremism continues to be fragile. There is no way to contain extremism unless the ruling coalition takes a tough stance and instructs the enforcers to tackle elements of extremism.

Again, blaming the ruling coalition for not being tough enough. Who are the ones calling the BN government being totalitarian and led by dictatorship? Who pressured Najib to get rid of ISA? Typical. Now blame the government for everything.

Secondly, such extremist and conservative thinking has not been borne overnight but because of the government's conservative policies over the years.

Tell the Pakatan's Pas people la if the BN government is conservative enough for them. You all Chinese want to set up all those unIslamic businesses and such, got ka the government try to stop you? As long as the law says okay, you can do what ever hell you want what. That you call conservative ka?

Dr Mahathir amended the Constitution in 1988 to elevate the status of syariah courts in a bid to diffuse the religious competition between Umno and PAS.

Elevating the status of syariah courts is encouraging extremism is it? Okay Lim, wait until Pakatan comes into power and Pas push for their hudud to be implemented nationwide. Then you will know what elevating the syariah court really all about.

Such maneuvers have intensified religious sentiments to an extent that many have failed to see what is right or wrong.

Empowering the Syariah courts causing Malay Muslims to not know what is right and what is wrong, is it? Lim, what's wrong with you ha?

It is imperative that the government readjust its policies again, probably spend another decade of time, to restore the accommodating spirit of mutual respect among Malaysians of different ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Don't worry Lim, 10 years from now Umno and BN will be no more. All Malay Muslims will unite under Pas and adjust things. Then you and the rest of the Chinese will know what Muslim Malays' extremism really is.
Thirdly, there is a dangerous trend that those in power are leaning towards conservatism.

Pakatan is not yet in power, okay. Hudud will only be confined in Kelantan. Chinese chauvinism will for now only be contained in Penang. Not so bad yet, okay.

Religious controversies are no strangers to this country, and this shows that indeed our administrative institution has been infiltrated by religious thinking. In the latest incident, the MCMC slapped a RM10,000 fine on local English radio station BFM for airing an interview with Iranian-American Muslim scholar Reza Aslan over the "Allah" controversy.

Lim, you want people to break the laws is it? Just because BFM is pro-Pakatan, they can do whatever they want, is it? You like it is it that some crack head pretending to be a Muslim scholar trash talk Islam? Now I am beginning to understand why you all want the Sedition Act to be abolished.

So far we have also seen some 30 Muslims, including senior government officials and university professors issuing a joint open letter to rebuke the moderation campaign of the G25, most of whom are already retired while their attackers are mostly still in office.

Lim, you believe in freedom of speech and expression or not? So, only the G25 can talk, not other Muslims. Is that what you mean by being moderate? Hypocrite, is more like it to me.
In the meantime, The Star has reported that more and more civil servants are sympathizing with terrorist organizations and joining their ranks.

Actually The Star wish it can report that ALL civil servants are terrorists. It's because most civil servants are Malay Muslims. Come, be more specific with what you meant by "more and more civil servants". Is it in the hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions. Don't simply hantam saja just to paint Malay Muslims as being terror inclined. Show us the proof.

If civil servants fail to remain neutral, how do we expect the spirit of moderation to be implemented in our public services sector?

Eh Lim, the civil service not neutral enough ka? You go and check how many of the gomen people actually voted for Pakatan. And all those nut cases at Jabatan Agama, you go and check their political affiliation whether they support Umno or Pas. Check also the cikgu-cikgu agama and see whether they are aligned to Umno or Pas. 

As such, we have done far less than enough to claim victory over extremism. It will be too late to wait until the next general elections to teach irresponsible politicians a lesson.

Who are the "we" you are referring to Lim? All of us Malaysians or just the Chinese? Which irresponsible politicians you want to teach a lesson? All the Melayu ones only or does it includes the Chinese ones who stoke the fire of Chinese chauvinism, by telling your community that you all are second class citizens, being discriminated, being oppressed etc?     

At a time when the plunging international oil prices are posing severe threats to our national economy, the rise of extremism will only expedite the withdrawal of foreign investors. Extremism will also hamper the country's advances towards the developed country status. This is going to be a very heavy price we need to pay for our wavering political stand over the past three decades.

Those who you deemed as extremists (Malay Muslims ones that is) have been around since 2008. How come the FDI coming in is still not so bad. You all in Sin Chew don't read economic reports ka? Najib, despite what people said about him was not doing too badly in that department. At least that's how I see his performance. Still, if you are insisting that the investors are fleeing the country, please list down la who they are. Don't simply make general doom and gloom statements like that. It makes you, Lim, sounds like an uneducated DAP cybertrooper instead of a Sin Chew deputy editor in chief, okay.

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