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January 5, 2012

Lynas Bakal Beroperasi - Fuziah Bakal Hilang Jawatan

Australian miner, Lynas Corporation Ltd has applied for a temporary license to operate its rare earth refinery in Gebeng, Kuantan despite the raging opposition to its existence.

The license, if approved, will not however allow Lynas to operate at full capacity.
The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation in a statement posted on its website said Lynas’ application had been forwarded to the Atomic Energy Licencing Board (AELB) for consideration.

The application, if approved, would be a major step forward for the project which has been riddled with delays after a report by the International Atomic Energy Agency in July last year recommended that Lynas draft a detailed plan for a better long term system to dispose its radioactive waste.

Lynas aims to become one of the world’s largest producers of rare earths – a group of 17 elements used in applications such as high performance magnets and light emitting diode phosphors, and in products including iPads and Prius cars – once the Gebeng plant is completed.

When operational, the plant will process rare earths extracted from its Mount Weld deposit in Australia.
But Lynas is facing stiff opposition from activists and politicians here who’ve alleged that the refinery will produce radioactive waste detrimental to health.
Relenting to pressure, Putrajaya has held back on issuing Lynas with a pre-operating license.

Meanwhile AELB director general Abdul Aziz Adnan said it would take the board seven months to review, process and decide on Lynas’ application.
Speaking to Dow Jones Newswire, Aziz said once approved, the license would be valid for up to 24 months.

“If approved, the license will be valid for two years, but Lynas will not be allowed to operate the plant in full capacity.

“It will be a controlled situation all the way and production will be under close scrutiny,” he said.

Makcik Fuziah ni dah semakin terdesak sekarang. Nak pulak PKR Pahang memang tak sebulu dengan dia sekarang ni. Silap silap PRU nanti PKR Pahang sendiri yang sabotaj makcik Fuziah. Masa tu terduduk menganga jelah makcik Fuziah hehehe.

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