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June 18, 2013


When someone is very loud in opposing corruption, the perception by many is that the person is clean of corrupt practices and such is the perception of the public towards a media which has been vociferous in exposing the abuse by the government and corruption by political leaders.

For that, newspapers in Malaysia are willing to sacrifice the lives of thousands of people to cover the dangers of flying with the most unsafe airline in Malaysia.

Newspapers in Malaysia are also the recipients of bribe to cover the weaknesses of big companies. How? (An article on the corruption by Air Asia to the print media will follow suit).

This is also done by the Chinese newspapers to cover the antics of the Chinese, the biggest giver of bribes to the Malays.

Since the government of the day is supported by the Malays, the Malay Rulers, a Malay Prime Minister, a Malay KPN (IGP), a Malay KSN (Chief Secretary to the Government) and other Malay power, hence the general perception, especially the non-Malays, the recipients of bribes are Malays.

I believe 99 % of those who give bribes are Chinese, but they do not tell what they get, facilities they get to enjoy, property and millions in monetary gain.

Not many Chinese become rich through an honest way, but because of their wit in giving bribes, to cheat, abuse, etc. The Chinese who are honest remain poor.

When there is competition among them for government contracts, the one who fail will make false accusations to indicate that the evil one is the Malays or Bumiputera, like they did to Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Taib Mahmud.

When an aide of a Chinese politician committed suicide as he could no longer cover-up for his boss being investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC), it is the MACC which is accused of murdering him and the case made a racial issue.

When a senior Customs officer was murdered for being firm and wanting to uphold a clean government, DAP did not say anything good about the officer, as it did in criticizing the MACC officers and making a conclusion that the aide was not in the wrong, although investigation was not over.

Why didn’t they come to a conclusion that the officer died because of his refusal to accept bribes from the Chinese?

This is the prejudice politics of the DAP. - ZamKata

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the devil will always be the devil.